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Link Building

Link Building

In many different ways

Link Building gebeurt via de websites, landingspagina’s en sociale media van de online magazines Horeca Webzine en is een online platform van NOOR & NOOR met horecazaken, voedingswinkels en horecagerelateerde bedrijven.


Horecazaken waar het aanbieden van koude en/of warme dranken de core-business is zoals cafés, volkscafés, kroegen, tavernes, tea-rooms, koffiehuizen, cocktailbars, nightbars, edm.


Horecazaken waar het aanbieden van eten aan de kaart de core-business is zoals restaurants, brasseries, bistro’s, tavernes, snackbars, eetcafés, pizzeria's, pannenkoekenhuisjes, edm.


Horecazaken waar het aanbieden van een snelle hap (fastfood) al dan niet om mee te nemen de core-business is zoals frituren, broodjeszaken, hamburgertenten, pizza-drive-ins,...


Horecazaken waar het aanbieden van een overnachting met ontbijt en extra diensten de core-business is zoals de diverse hotels, Bed&Breakfasts, resorts, hostels, motels, botels, edm.


Door gebruik te maken van een cateringservice of traiteur, neem je een groot deel van de werkzaamheden uit handen. Je hoeft enkel je wensen kenbaar te maken tijdens een afspraak.


Een foodtruck is een mobiel restaurant op wielen dat een onmisbaar onderdeel is geworden van festivals, evenementen, bedrijfsfeesten, familiefeesten, bedrijfsfeesten, bruiloften, verjaardagen,...


Elk geslaagd feest of event begint bij het vinden van de meest geschikte locatie. Hier vind je een feestzaal voor je trouwfeest, bedrijfsfeest, verjaardagsfeest, jubileumfeest,...


Bij deze slagers ben je als klant nog écht koning. Je krijgt een service op maat. Twee sneetjes betekent bij hen ook echt twee sneetjes. Een uitstekende service en kwaliteitsvlees.


Het opstarten of verder uitbouwen van je zaak of bedrijf vraagt ondersteuning; je kan nu eenmaal niet alles alleen. Businessplan, foodcostberekening, selectie personeel en/of leveranciers, enz.


Groothandel Food zijn bedrijven die allerlei voedingsproducten en dranken leveren aan horecazaken en voedingswinkels. Vind in onze bedrijfsgids betrouwbare leveranciers: fabrikanten, groothandels, edm.


Groothandel Non-Food zijn bedrijven die allerlei niet-voedingsproducten leveren aan horecazaken en voedingswinkels. Vind in onze bedrijfsgids betrouwbare leveranciers: fabrikanten, groothandels, edm.


Tijdens het runnen van een bedrijf kan je niet zonder professionele dienstverleners. Denk aan een boekhouder, een sociale mediamanager, webmaster, slijperij, electricien, een administratief kantoor,...

Horeca Webzine.

Horeca Webzine is the interactive online magazine in Dutch and French with the latest news, tips, facts, inspiring stories and offers from and for the hospitality industry in Belgium and The Netherlands, in Belgium and Luxembourg and in 4 countries of the Maghreb:Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania and Algeria. 

Multiple blog articles are published every day, 7/7, 365/365. that are intensively shared via social media channels.

Everyone can subscribe à Horeca Webzine pour recevoir la newsletter bihebdomadaire et courir la chance de gagner plusieurs cadeaux de nos partenaires.

As a partner of Horeca Webzine you can count on more than a passive banner and a page on the website that is not used. 

Interactive Marketing provides every visitor to Horeca Webzine with an extraordinary and personal experience. Always varied, the information enthuses, resulting in returning visitors and a rapidly growing number of subscribers.  

Interactive content is particularly effective because it connects Horeca Webzine visitors with companies on multiple levels and ways.

Link Building via de website, nieuwsbrief en sociale mediakanalen van Horeca Webzine kan tegen heel sociale tarieven. 

We Love Horeca

With more than ten thousand followers on Facebook, quite a few on Instagram and a few handfuls on TikTok, our rapidly growing We Love Horeca community is highly loved by the hospitality business, catering suppliers and foodies.


We decide together

a formula based on your needs, expectations and possibilities.

We collect

the content based on a checklist.

We start

aan de slag met je content en zorgen ervoor dat zoveel mogelijk van je webpagina's via je persoonlijke pagina en de blogartikels op één of meerdere van onze websites gelinkt zijn.

Link Building

Link Building is the process of other websites linking to pages on your website. The goal is to increase the authority of your pages in the eyes of Google, so that these pages score higher and generate more search traffic.

Links remain one of the most important ranking factors used by Google and other search engines.

Search engines discover new content through links and it is partly how they judge the quality of that content.

Good links are like voices; they are testimonials to how valuable the content is, and Google considers a healthy link profile to be a good sign.

Google has improved its ability to detect unnatural link patterns over time. The search engine is much better at figuring out which types of links are and are not useful to users. This means that old linking strategies like comment spamming, using PBNs, and posting in forums no longer work or as well as they once did.

Links that help your SEO are natural and related to the content in question. Anchor text is also important so that the search engines can understand the context of the links. 

Link building can be time-consuming and expensive. If this is not done correctly, it can also lead to poor ranking of your website. It is therefore important to only create links from high-quality websites such as Horeca Webzine that are relevant to your niche.

With search engines fine-tuning their algorithms, “White Hat” techniques have become very important. This means that you do not focus on short-term results, but rather build sustainable organic findability. 

The editors of Horeca Webzine. create compelling, unique, high-quality content. Many professionals already read and share these blog articles. 

A related link to your website with good anchor text ensures that your website can also count on a better ranking in the search engines. 

When you or people talk about your website, they often link to the homepage. This makes it difficult for individual pages to achieve high rankings. That is why the SEO specialists at Horeca Webzine link words and anchor texts in the blog articles to the specific page of your website. For example, a page such as 'Menu' or 'Drinks' generates as much 'link equity' as the home page.

The anchor text is important because both search engines and readers use it to determine what a linked page is about. So the more relevant and descriptive the anchor text, the better. Eg 'As a cooking shop specialized in Japanese and European knives, Chef & Knife Belgium supplies both the hospitality industry and hobby chefs', tells Google that the linked page is about a cooking shop specialized in Japanese and European knives for a specific target group.

The position of a link on a page is important. A good backlink appears in the main body of a web page. Google even has a patent that specifically addresses link placement. It looks at several probabilities, including the likelihood of a reader clicking on a link depending on where it is located. The higher the link is on the page, the more authority the link has.

'No-Follow and Follow' are link attributes that tell search engines whether or not to follow the outgoing link. No-Follow links are usually used when site owners want to link to another website but do not imply any form of endorsement. 

Horeca Webzine does not link to everything and everyone, but if it is done, then always with an anchor text and a 'Follow' link.

And while Google claims that No-follow links generally have no SEO authority, they can still drive brand recognition and referral traffic.


What our customers say about us

We are also very satisfied with the collaboration with NOOR & NOOR. The smooth communication and solution orientation of our file manager is remarkable. She is bursting with great ideas and contributes actively to our business. A last-minute message is no problem for her either. Our social media is revived and we hear this regularly from many customers in the store!

Lieve Janssen Keurslager Lieve & Patrick

Nowadays there are still companies that you can trust and that keep their word. The smallest question via Messenger or E-mail is answered immediately as if someone were standing next to you. I am very satisfied with the communication and structure of my new website. The monthly management fee fits within my capabilities and I have peace of mind.

wannes van de peer weilandshof feestzaal noor noor
Wannes Van de Peer Banquett Hall

My file manager is a sweetheart. She really takes a lot of time to guide me as a laywoman. She has also brought a lot of structure to my communication. Thanks to the tailor-made leasing agreement with NOOR & NOOR, I can enjoy a professional website, build my online store step by step and at the same time my social media is also taken care of.

jeanne gennar coffee with a soul koffie café sociale media website
Jeanne Gennar Jeanne Gennar, Coffee with a soul

As secretary, myself, but also the entire board of The Mastercooks of Belgium, is very satisfied with the way our social media is taken care of. The file manager is very driven and is fully committed to putting the members and partners of our organization in the spotlight in a professional manner. She also regularly comes up with new campaigns.

Daniel-Molmans-The Mastercooks of Belgium
Daniel Molmans The Mastercooks of Belgium

We are very satisfied with the care taken for our social media. The always neatly presented messages are also spontaneously shared in Facebook groups with my target group, and related videos and images are linked to our company. As an SEO specialist, she also optimizes our webshop for the search engines. And this with visible results.

chef and knife belgium koksmessen brecht loterman sociale media virtuele assistentie Noor Noor
Brecht Loterman Chef & Knife Belgium

I am very satisfied with my new website. Design according to my wishes in my corporate identity. Not only were the texts all rewritten, a top photographer also came along who captured my restaurant perfectly. My monthly changing menus are also retranslated so that they always look professional on the website, Facebook and Instagram.

restaurant cedric knokke cedric poncelet chef eigenaar zaakvoerder noor noor
Cédric Poncelet Restaurant Cédric