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Vacancy self-employed representative

SEO Content Writing zelfstandige vertegenwoordiger

Vacancy self-emplyed representative


Decades of experience in the hospitality industry and providing online services to SMEs, coupled with innovative insights from young marketers and close collaboration with specialized partners, makes NOOR & NOOR a solid party to take care of the communication and administrative tasks of catering businesses and SMEs. 

Our services

NOOR & NOOR is a communications agency that provides online services for the hospitality industry, food stores and catering-related companies


You introduce yourself

in an email and tell us what your availability is.

We make

an appointment to get to know each other better via Messenger or WhatsApp.

We sign

a transparent cooperation agreement without fine print.

We give you

alle tools en documenten om te kunnen starten met de prospectie.

We offer you

permanent 7/7 online support.

Social Media

Social Media offers you a huge platform to connect with your target group. Social Media provide more brand awareness and "Social Media Signals" have a major influence on the ranking of your website.

Website | Webshop

We build and manage a modern professional and personalized (multilingual) website and/or webshop for you in a way that your business or company can be found by the search engines.

SEO Content Writing

With Content Marketing you create customers by helping your prospects. And you can help by sharing your knowledge. Prospects will appreciate that and reward you by becoming a customer.

Virtual Assistance

We can support you quickly and efficiently in carrying out administrative tasks via cloud computing, such as drawing up a newsletter, translating and retranslating your texts,...

Photo | Video

Through the partnership with various specialized top photographers and videographers, we can ensure that you always have the most accurate photos, reels or videos for your website and socials.

Link Building

You can promote your company, products or services through the website, newsletter and social media channels of Horeca Webzine, the interactive online magazine of and for the hospitality industry.

Shaping growth ambitions

NOOR & NOOR is experiencing strong development and wishes to deploy an independent representative to shape those growth ambitions together.

The most important tasks

The tasks of the independent representative consist of:

  • Acquisition of new partners for Horeca Webzine. 
  • Acquisition of new customers for the above mentioned services.


This can be done online, but also by telephone and of course via live contact.

These are our expectations

We expect the independent representative to: 

  • can take initiative and have an independent attitude;
  • he has an affinity with wholesalers for the catering industry and/or food stores;
  • and is able to develop a network in a relatively short time;

What we offer

We provide a motivated independent representative:

  • a nice commission of 15% on the sale of online services;
  • a very nice commission of 25% when concluding a partnership agreement;
  • immediate payment of commissions upon receipt of customer payment;
  • the guarantee of retention of the customer base, including commission upon renewal of the agreements;
  • and permanent 7/7 online support. 

And now apply

Are you results-oriented and do you like to be at the basis of your own success, do you already have several years of sales experience, are you a pioneer or are you looking for a part-time job in these difficult times? Apply for this vacancy as an independent representative. We would be happy to discuss with you to investigate which tasks you can handle and/or wish to expand.

We would also like to point out that:

  • NOOR & NOOR functions from Morocco; 
  • no physical appointments can be made for the time being, unless you live in Morocco;
  • and that all internal communication takes place via mail, Messenger and/or WhatsApp.

Call or write via WhatsApp

+32 487 77 05 63


What our customers say about us

We are also very satisfied with the collaboration with NOOR & NOOR. The smooth communication and solution orientation of our file manager is remarkable. She is bursting with great ideas and contributes actively to our business. A last-minute message is no problem for her either. Our social media is revived and we hear this regularly from many customers in the store!

Lieve Janssen Keurslager Lieve & Patrick

Nowadays there are still companies that you can trust and that keep their word. The smallest question via Messenger or E-mail is answered immediately as if someone were standing next to you. I am very satisfied with the communication and structure of my new website. The monthly management fee fits within my capabilities and I have peace of mind.

wannes van de peer weilandshof feestzaal noor noor
Wannes Van de Peer Banquett Hall

My file manager is a sweetheart. She really takes a lot of time to guide me as a laywoman. She has also brought a lot of structure to my communication. Thanks to the tailor-made leasing agreement with NOOR & NOOR, I can enjoy a professional website, build my online store step by step and at the same time my social media is also taken care of.

jeanne gennar coffee with a soul koffie café sociale media website
Jeanne Gennar Jeanne Gennar, Coffee with a soul

As secretary, myself, but also the entire board of The Mastercooks of Belgium, is very satisfied with the way our social media is taken care of. The file manager is very driven and is fully committed to putting the members and partners of our organization in the spotlight in a professional manner. She also regularly comes up with new campaigns.

Daniel-Molmans-The Mastercooks of Belgium
Daniel Molmans The Mastercooks of Belgium

We are very satisfied with the care taken for our social media. The always neatly presented messages are also spontaneously shared in Facebook groups with my target group, and related videos and images are linked to our company. As an SEO specialist, she also optimizes our webshop for the search engines. And this with visible results.

chef and knife belgium koksmessen brecht loterman sociale media virtuele assistentie Noor Noor
Brecht Loterman Chef & Knife Belgium

I am very satisfied with my new website. Design according to my wishes in my corporate identity. Not only were the texts all rewritten, a top photographer also came along who captured my restaurant perfectly. My monthly changing menus are also retranslated so that they always look professional on the website, Facebook and Instagram.

restaurant cedric knokke cedric poncelet chef eigenaar zaakvoerder noor noor
Cédric Poncelet Restaurant Cédric
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