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Virtual Assistance

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Virtual Assistance

Quick and efficient

We can support you quickly and efficiently in carrying out administrative tasks via cloud computing, such as

  • providing information by e-mail or chat on the website
  • support with prospecting
  • writing out a marketing plan
  • creating and sending an electronic newsletter
  • issuing quotations 
  • laying out forms and letters
  • replying to Messenger messages
  • various online editorial work
  • retranslating and translating texts,…
  • photo editing
  • making publicity images for social media
  • making simple photo videos

Custom work

Depending on the nature of the assignment, work can be done per quarter of an hour, per hour, half day or for a fixed amount.


Together we assess

your wishes and expectations.

We create

a file on the cloud into which you load the content.

We start

working on the assignment and deliver it to the cloud as agreed.


A virtual assistant, usually abbreviated to VA, is a professional administrative, technical and creative remote support for entrepreneurs working from a home office. 

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created and operated by Google. Through Google Drive, both you and we can upload, edit, share via invitation and download documents in the same cloud.  

With Cloud Computing or the ability to store and edit data securely on the internet, back-and-forth emails with attachments of which we never know exactly whether or not this is the latest version, is a thing of the past.


What our customers say about us

We are also very satisfied with the collaboration with NOOR & NOOR. The smooth communication and solution orientation of our file manager is remarkable. She is bursting with great ideas and contributes actively to our business. A last-minute message is no problem for her either. Our social media is revived and we hear this regularly from many customers in the store!

Lieve Janssen Keurslager Lieve & Patrick

Nowadays there are still companies that you can trust and that keep their word. The smallest question via Messenger or E-mail is answered immediately as if someone were standing next to you. I am very satisfied with the communication and structure of my new website. The monthly management fee fits within my capabilities and I have peace of mind.

wannes van de peer weilandshof feestzaal noor noor
Wannes Van de Peer Banquett Hall

My file manager is a sweetheart. She really takes a lot of time to guide me as a laywoman. She has also brought a lot of structure to my communication. Thanks to the tailor-made leasing agreement with NOOR & NOOR, I can enjoy a professional website, build my online store step by step and at the same time my social media is also taken care of.

jeanne gennar coffee with a soul koffie café sociale media website
Jeanne Gennar Jeanne Gennar, Coffee with a soul

As secretary, myself, but also the entire board of The Mastercooks of Belgium, is very satisfied with the way our social media is taken care of. The file manager is very driven and is fully committed to putting the members and partners of our organization in the spotlight in a professional manner. She also regularly comes up with new campaigns.

Daniel-Molmans-The Mastercooks of Belgium
Daniel Molmans The Mastercooks of Belgium

We are very satisfied with the care taken for our social media. The always neatly presented messages are also spontaneously shared in Facebook groups with my target group, and related videos and images are linked to our company. As an SEO specialist, she also optimizes our webshop for the search engines. And this with visible results.

chef and knife belgium koksmessen brecht loterman sociale media virtuele assistentie Noor Noor
Brecht Loterman Chef & Knife Belgium

I am very satisfied with my new website. Design according to my wishes in my corporate identity. Not only were the texts all rewritten, a top photographer also came along who captured my restaurant perfectly. My monthly changing menus are also retranslated so that they always look professional on the website, Facebook and Instagram.

restaurant cedric knokke cedric poncelet chef eigenaar zaakvoerder noor noor
Cédric Poncelet Restaurant Cédric